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The Day Before

The Day Before - Lisa Schroeder I enjoy poetry but it must be well done. Unfortunately I do not feel as though the entirety of Schroeder's poetry was well done. There were a few brief passages which were enjoyable but overall this book in verse was full of subpar poetry. Overall I felt as though the verse format simply was a means of writing a short story without having to be bothered with the details found in a regular novel, aka a cop out. Schroeder seemed to use the verse format as a means of just having a flow of thoughts with no structure. I did not feel as though the book did true poetry justice.

There was no elaborate imagery or emotions evoked in The Day Before for me. The romance was unlikely, the content rather angst filled and overall unbelievable. I do not think the courts would have agreed to the situation in The Day Before with a 16 year old, sorry. I also found Amber to be an annoying narrator, especially given the content. I am giving the novel 2 stars since it is my first modern verse novel and I have read worse novel-length works, but I am definitely not a verse-format convert.