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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks - E. Lockhart 4.5

E. Lockhart does it again. Frankie is a fantastic, strong and witty character and I really liked her. While the story overall seems to be about the struggles of Frankie at an elite prep school, fear not. The book is definitely a level above high school drama books and includes social and feminist issues. I absolutely loved the messages regarding gender inequality included and how Frankie fought to be her own person and not held down by the patriarchy.

One of my favorite aspects running throughout the book was Frankie's "neglected positives (and sometimes negatives)". These include "ept" from "inept", "dulge" from "indulge" and "parage" from "disparage". I have a tendency to do this on purpose as well, wondering why the addition of the prefix suddenly generates a word but without it you have nothing. The neglected positives had me laughing throughout. Here is one of my favorite scenes:

"They're not puppets, they're muppets," said Frankie. "I have a serious and justified love for Kermit that I will parage to the end."
"Parage. The neglected postive of disparage."
"You mean defend. You will defend Kermit to the end."
"Parage. I will parage him. And Animal, too. I love Animal. I used to watch that show on DVD all the time when I was little."
Trish changed the subject. "We should do facials and paint our toenails Friday before they pick us up. What do you say, blow through dinner and come back here for girlie stuff?"
Frankie said, "You're on. When we're finished, we'll be absolutely sheveled."
"You'll be sheveled," said Trish. "I'm a normal person."

We'll be absolutely sheveled! Hilarious! Okay, I've always known I wasn't "normal".

Overall, Frankie's story was well-written and entertaining. I definitely appreciate when a novel can put across a deeper meaning without bashing you over the head, such is the case with Frankie's feminist pursuits.