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Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 5)

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill I think this may be my last foray in the Chicagoland Vampire world. The first few books were entertaining but nothing special. Now the books have become simply a waste of time to read. The last installment, Hard Bitten, was the beginning of the end. Both Hard Bitten and Drink Deep follow the same pattern: boring filler followed by an abrupt drastic ending. Neill’s writing is regressing rather than improving and her reliance on ridiculous filler is laughable. I am quite happy I borrowed this from the library rather than having purchased it.

Merit, the lead character, is somehow becoming increasingly annoying and short sighted. Merit also continues to be rather immature and her supposed grief was lacking believability. None of the characters appear to be evolving or maturing and many of them need just that, especially Merit. Adding to that, Neill went and had characters perform 180 degree changes, which come on suddenly. It is called foreshadowing Neill, try it some time, it really adds to a story.

The plot was dull and predictable. Less time could have been spent complaining about food and discussing things that did not apply to the plot and instead been allocated to the ENDING. The ending was a cop-out. Not only was the ending rushed but it lacked believability. Sure, this is a fantasy world but Neill did not make it so that such an ending was truly believable in her created world. Of course, the fact that the series largely lacks substance may be a good excuse why Neill can just throw crap out at us.

Also, WTF happened with the character of Frank? He comes in and causes all these issues and then just nothing? Also, where was the humor? I swear there was humor in the first few books….

The current trend of the series is: boring filler then rushed ridiculous ending, plus characters that do not grow. I suppose the ending is one of those “oh crap I need to give readers a reason to read the next one” types. There really is no logical explanation for the layout of the books. I cannot believe that there is going to be five more books in the series, none of which I will likely read. What were the publishers thinking? The series, even when it was entertaining, does not contain enough substance to last ten books. TEN BOOKS! Ha!