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Second Helpings (Jessica Darling, Book 2)

Second Helpings - Megan McCafferty After Sloppy Firsts I looked forward to the resolution of the situation between Marcus and Jessica. Instead, however, we begin Second Helpings 7 or so months later with no resolution in sight and no relationship of any kind between the two individuals already mentioned. But we do get to "enjoy" a camp for artistic students.

The SPECIAL camp (as it is called in the book) seems to bring out the worst in Jessica. She endlessly complains about individuals without any clear sign of her humor from book one. She also includes a story in her writings about who her friend dated once, some singer. This story seems to have no point yet it goes on and on (at least for me) and is only brought up once later in the book and was unnecessary overall. With the terrible boredom for the first part of the book I nearly stopped reading altogether. However, when school starts and Marcus issues come back to the forefront, Jessica again becomes herself.

I feel as though the drama surrounding Jessica and Marcus, or males in general, provides the best entertainment of the series. But her relationship with Len drove me crazy. Also, how blind does Jessica have to be to not see what is happening with Marcus? I wish someone had grown a pair a bit sooner. Although now that things have been resolved, does that mean I have to worry that Jessica will do something over the top stupid and ruin it all come the third book? We'll see. Marcus is by far my favorite character in the series so I hope he remains at the core because I feel Jessica is at her worst without him (sadly).