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Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling, Book 1)

Sloppy Firsts - Megan McCafferty Jessica Darling is a funny, sarcastic, intelligent and often foul-mouthed/dirty minded. It took a bit for the novel to flow, in my opinion, but once it did it was very entertaining. It is written in a diary-entry style and even Jessica doesn't know who she is writing to exactly (although she hopes it isn't her 25 years in the future). It also includes her once-a-month letters to her best friend who has moved away and has subsequently caused Jess to spiral into a depression of sorts. There is considerable friendship, family and boy drama, as to be expected. One particular character, Marcus, is a true bad boy but somehow McCafferty wrote it so that he wins points further into the story. I was not hugely happy with the way the book was ended, especially as the next installment begins months later. I'm hoping that the series does not become an utter disappointment as it has for others, but I shall find out since the library only had the "complete series" option for loan! But for now, I find Notso Darling quite enjoyable.

*Note* Jess definitely does not shy away from raunchier material so I found it wasn't overly YA.