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Flying Blind: The Dragon Diaries

Flying Blind - Deborah Cooke Overall Flying Blind left me bored. The dragon aspect drew me to the story and overall I felt it had potential to be fun. But the main character of Zoe tends to be annoying and self-absorbed and we learn little about other characters. Her lists were tedious and I wish the information were introduced in a better fashion. Honestly they made me want to stop reading whenever I encountered one. Also, the dragon lore was limited and I felt Cooke could have done a much better job. We were told they were dragons and given lists of characteristics etc. but not any real information that made the story appealing. It felt impractical that Zoe would know so little if she was destined to be such a major player in the dragon world. Subtract that this or that character can turn into a dragon (specifications unknown, like exactly how big they are) and it is a cliche and very dull YA read. Zoe spends more time drooling over one guy to the next and writing lists than actually telling a decent story.