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A Midsummer's Nightmare

A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger A Midsummer's Nightmare just was not very interesting or entertaining. The storyline was predictable and cliche. The main character of Whitley was extremely annoying and was, in my opinion, an emerging alcoholic. The characters aside from her are not terribly interesting either except for the guy she befriends in her new town. The father is simply a terrible father, sure not the worst but really not much of a father. At least he is not much of a father to the main character, even before the new family--spending summers grilling out and getting drunk with your teenage daughter? Wow, great parenting. Overall there was an overload of daddy issues going on that I cannot tolerate and quite frankly cannot relate. So your father is a douchebag, get over it and don't let it impact all your male relationships. Seriously, who wants a future of that? In addition to everything else the story turned into a terrible After School Special, with Whitley trying to resolve her ways and everyone needing to talk things out yadda yadda. We even had a scenario of cyber-bullying which further upped the After School Special element. And of course, everything was peachy keen by the end. Definitely not reality based considering how the father has been the entirety of Whitley's life and the relationship between daughter and step-son. Two stars as the book was not the worst I've read this year, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near the best.