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Trance - Kelly Meding 2.5 stars

I love Meding's Dreg City series and was hoping this new series would suck me in as well. I've never been big on superheroes, although I do enjoy a movie about them every now and then (but let's not overdo it eh?). But I figured if someone could make me enjoy a story about superheroes a la the X-Men, Meding could. (Unfortunately no Wolverine, oh well.)

Well unfortunately I was disappointed. The main character did not draw me in as thoroughly as others have (including Dreg City) and the entire book felt a bit flat and/or forced. The character change that the quiet, unassuming Trance underwent to become group leader was unbelievable. This was especially true since the leader of the little group from childhood is still IN the group. The characters as a whole felt like cliche superheroes and I was hoping for much more. I also found it very distracting that Meding chose to alternate between actual name and superhero names for characters, it made it feel like there were twice as many people around. Also, the way the book was written did not allow me to come to care for any of the characters truly, especially since there was so much action ongoing and individuals dying before I could even remember both of their names ("real" and superhero).

Overall I felt Trance was a bit of a cliche superhero movie in book form. I think if someone loves superheroes they may have more success with this novel, although it could also backfire since they've been exposed to them even more and will be annoyed by the cliche. Regardless, I don't think Trance was a bad book and I hope the series improves. I do like Meding as a writer, I just think I prefer her grittier UF stuff.