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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris Unraveling is a really fun read in the realm of the X-Files. The story is overall well-written and entertaining and I look forward to the sequel.

Janelle is a good lead character who is mature for her age, otherwise the plot would never have worked. Janelle dies and is brought back to life by Ben, a guy from school that she essentially does not even know. Since Janelle is a nosy and curious person by nature (which is good) she tries to figure out how the hell Ben managed such a thing. Janelle also has a knack for looking through her FBI father's case files. Some of which are looking more and more like an episode of The X-Files and may have a connection to Janelle's death/near-death experience.

The background characters could have been drawn more clearly, although they likely suffered by the immense number of things going on in the story in general. Janelle is well-drawn and Ben is, although you do end up wishing for more of him since he is genuinely a good character. Some of the background characters, however, tended to blend a bit for me.

Janelle and Ben's relationship I do not think constituted "instalove" as many have indicated. Janelle's character is not the type to buy into such nonsense and despite it occurring only over a couple weeks, the relationship felt logical. Think the movie Speed and every other movie where a relationship forms during a chaotic time. BTW I think Unraveling would make a pretty fun movie too.

One of my few complaints regarding Unraveling is that when the BIG reveal occurs regarding Ben's background occurs things felt like they dropped off a bit. I guess in a way the mystery surrounding Ben and his friends was driving a big portion of the plot. After the reveal it is largely about attempting to save the world and it was not quite as interesting as the first half of the book. Also, the second half also proves that there was simply too much going on in the book in general. Too many people to be concerned about, too many sub-plots and too much world going to hell to handle it all. The second half was still enjoyable despite the magnitude of what was included, but I think some of it could have been left out (like the sub-plot of Janelle being nearly raped, it did not add to the story). Also, the second half features far too much loosely (if at all) explained sci-fi themes that were distracting.

Overall Unraveling is a fast-paced and quick read that really leaves you wanting more of the world and characters. I look forward to book two.