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Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico 3.5 stars

When I first came across Croak I immediately thought that it could have the potential to be a YA version of Darynda Jones' series of Charley Davidson (although Jones is coming out with her own YA too). Croak certainly did not let me down in terms of snark and humor, but it just missed a certain something to propel it to a higher rating and to a YA Charley level.

Lex is highly entertaining and she had me laughing out loud many times. I loved her interactions with others, especially with Driggs. However, I felt some inner dialogue from Lex would have upped the book and the understanding of Lex as a whole (although it was not told in first person, I thought it could have benefited). Lex gradually changes throughout the book and while it was positive in terms of reigning in her rage, her snark unfortunately seemed to decrease as well.

The romantic element in the book felt forced and could have been improved by fleshing the relationship out a bit more. All in all, all of the relationships and Lex could have improved upon some more fleshing out. I can only hope that this will occur in the second book in the series, although I worry Lex may not recover to full snarkiness level.

Overall the basis for the story was well done, if not a bit far out at times even considering the topic (Lincoln's assassin and Elvis arguing in the afterlife? Really? The whole dead presidents thing was a bit unnecessary). I loved the town of Croak and Uncle Mort. I felt bad for the jellyfish but such is the life of a vegan. I was able to determine the bad guy early on which unfortunately lowered my enjoyed a bit but the mystery was decent nonetheless.

A good quirky debut novel and definitely a series I will continue.