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The Iron Knight (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa During the Iron Fey series I was never a big proponent of Ash, he was far too brooding and cold (pardon the pun Winter Prince) for my liking, although I could definitely see his appeal. I would continually start liking Ash only then to have him suddenly have a broodfest that I could not understand. Of course his reactions to things were perfectly in line with winter fey emotions, but it was aggravating nonetheless. But in Iron Knight a different Ash emerged and I actually liked him throughout, even with a brooding moment here or there.

In The Iron Knight, Ash and Puck endeavor to get to the End of The World to make Ash mortal so he may join Meghan in the Iron Realm. Others join in the journey, including Grim and the Big Bad Wolf. The journey was harrowing and thoroughly entertaining and despite knowing that Kagawa was likely going to give a HEA, I never knew quite how she would accomplish this. Kagawa sends a few major twists and turns our way throughout the novel.

I surprisingly thoroughly enjoyed Ash's viewpoint and gained a new appreciation for him. While a time or two felt a bit unlike the way a male would think, largely I felt the thoughts and feelings conveyed were rather accurate for someone such as Ash. I did not realize how attached to characters I had become until I found myself fearful of reading further in case one would die (Kagawa puts them all in danger numerous times, even the Big Bad Wolf who I was very fearful for). If the author can make me actually worry that a character will die, well I'd say the author did their job eh?

Overall I felt The Iron Knight was an excellent addition to the Iron Fey series and a nice ending. I appreciate that despite the possibility, Kagawa did not make Iron Knight sappy and ridiculous considering the theme.