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The Host - Stephenie Meyer 1.5 stars

The concept of The Host had a lot of potential. The human species is taken over by an alien race that uses the human body as a host. Solid idea but the implementation was poor.

First of all, Meyer's writing style felt frustratingly simple throughout the novel. I found it unlikely that an alien having lived on many other planets would be so simple minded, slow and lacking complex descriptions. It did not help that Meyer's characters are very underdeveloped, an issue which leads you to easily not overly care for any of them since they do not come alive in your head. I wanted to like Wanderer more than I did, but she simply failed when it came to intelligence and common sense. Melanie was a good character probably simply because she could not really become more elaborate due to her circumstances, the majority of her presence is in annoying conversations inside Wanderer's head.

Throughout reading The Host I kept waiting for something to happen. I mean why wouldn't I when it was written in such a melodramatic way? Nothing major really happened and when an event did occur the panic that should have been conveyed was lost. The Host could have been considerably shorter considering how little actually happens in much of it. Chapters would go by and I would realize nothing had happened and someone skimming or skipping chapters would have been just fine. That is not a good sign!

A laughable aspect of the book is the science fiction, if you want to call it that. It is clear that sci-fi is not Meyer's forte or true interest. The alien names are completely absurd and the alien planets are ridiculous. You mean to tell me that in all of the galaxies etc. that the aliens you came up with are "see" weeds, bears, bats, flowers and the like?!?! Really? What crap! There was so much room for creativity here and what Meyer did was create weird ass alien fairy tales about creatures that are here on Earth. The medical aspects were no better, the products being named "heal" and "cool" etc.. Meyer missed the creativity train by miles and miles.

There was a major plot point regarding ill humans that was entirely missed by Wanda and everyone else for chapter after chapter. Sure Wanda isn't necessarily brilliant but not one of those humans was smart enough to come up with this little idea until it was nearly pointless?

And the supposed romantic element was nearly non-existent and when it was it was kinda creepy.

There were messages about the human condition, human spirit yadda yadda that just made my eyes roll. I think that Meyer and the alien species were just too far up on their high horse to see clearly.

Overall I really wanted to like The Host, the concept was great. Unfortunately it was put into the hands of Meyer and I think she has had her day with Twilight.