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The Butterfly Clues

The Butterfly Clues - Kate Ellison Butterfly Clues has a great premise, an OCD girl who becomes obsessed with discovering why a girl she never even knew was murdered. We follow Lo who has a major OCD habit with a variety of things, such as entering locales, how her objects are laid out etc.. I can relate to her OCD habits (I myself probably have some habits which would be considered OCD by others), but they became tiresome the farther you got into the novel. Her constant number obsession, "tap, tap, tap, banana" and other issues quickly distracted from the storyline. I understand she was OCD and had these issues but I felt the author could have established her OCD tendencies while also only lightly including them throughout the book.

The mystery was interesting, as were the various characters in the book. Flynt, the main love interest, was completely odd and I had trouble liking him. I could see why Lo may, however, so I was able to accept his presence.

Parts of the book felt overwritten and some things fit a bit too well, but overall the book was good. It wasn't great, but it was good.