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Partials - Dan Wells *yawn*

Partials is, quite simply, dull. I am starting to think that apocalyptic-dystopian YA is just not for me. They largely fall flat and annoy rather than entertain.

The world building was sub-par and slow. If you're going to establish a world such as this you can gradually fill us in but Wells was entirely too slow and inept at it. Not only was the world building uninteresting, so too were the characters. I could not come to care for any of the characters and rather wished that the war had done away with them all. (Hey that would have meant no book...shame shame.)

Two BIG annoyances about this book. One was scientific: it is the most obvious freakin' thing in the world for a scientist to study the immune individuals when trying to determine why others are NOT immune. Immune individuals can be the key to determining how to save said not-immune individuals. It is beyond ridiculous that the main character drives this rather than the SCIENTISTS. WTF?

The second one is the infants. Why was everyone obsessed with babies? Why is ensuring another generation so flippin' important? The individuals trying to keep the babies alive are alive themselves, yes? Why not focus on THAT? They don't seem to be having too great a time of it as it is yet they want to make sure there are MORE of them? Why feel the need to procreate and pass genes on so freakin' badly that you use laws to force ALL females from a certain age on to reproduce? Are you freakin' kidding me?? Personally I do not understand what the big deal is, not like the world is going to collapse without a human population! Be happy that YOU are alive. But to make matters worse the forced reproduction of 18 (or 16) year old girls infuriated me as it was written by a male author that just makes it all the worse. How the hell does he know a damn thing about being a woman or becoming pregnant or the hell that is to endure, especially based on some freakin' law promoted by MALES?!?! Ridiculous!!!

Just too much boredom, too much obsession with reproducing, too much stupidity and too much that had the feminist in me in a tizzy. This was very much NOT a book for me.