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Another Kind of Dead (Dreg City, Book 3)

Another Kind of Dead - Kelly Meding This was another solid installment to the Dreg City series. It helps that the main character of Evy is likeable, tough and is intelligent enough to view the world around her logically, even if emotions try to get in the way. That is not to say she is not emotional, Evy shows her soft side multiple times during the drama in Another Kind of Dead, but it doesn't diminish her toughness. It is difficult to summarize this installment, but it is most definitely filled with action, a bit of romance and a lot of gore. I do not remember the other two books being this gore-filled. It was well done but at times I wanted a break from all the chaos and gore and to relax in a nice comfy spot in story. But I think that was the point: Evy wanted to do the same damn thing! The story is becoming more twisted with no one knowing who to truly trust, there are clear bad guys but the good guys? Not so easy to spot. I was a bit nervous that this one would end in a cliffhanger but the author chose against it, especially in the romantic department. It could have easily been a plot device and I appreciate the author not torturing her fans! I look forward to unraveling the mysteries of the series in further installments.