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Trafficked - Kim Purcell 2.5 stars

Trafficking is a serious issue globally and one that is not noticed or spoken of nearly enough. For this reason I thought it was a great idea to write a book about the topic, especially YA, to get the message out into the world. However, I felt Trafficked lacked the hardcore element that it needed to be truly representative of the situation. Yes the ending is violent and there are threats throughout, but it always felt like there was something missing. The main character is tough but a little slow in coming to understand her circumstances. The writing itself is okay but felt like it needed work at times as there lacked a cohesive, easy flow to the novel. Overall, the novel has a great message about human trafficking that should be heard but it could have been better. Regardless I think it is great that the author is donating some of the proceeds from the book to the trafficking cause.