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Embrace  - Jessica Shirvington What a load of crap this is. The characters in Embrace are cliched and simply terrible. The main character, Violet Eden (*gag*), is unbearably annoying, immature and to use a popular phrase: too stupid to live (unfortunately she does). The problems abound for the novel but I will use brevity because I can barely tolerate even thinking of this "novel". The symbolism is beyond ridiculous (oh she tasted apples when Phoenix was around? Oh I wonder what THAT implies), the writing was mediocre, if the characters were not simply intolerable they were cookie-cutter, yet another love triangle and the pacing was absolutely terrible--the majority of the book was a bore. And the final nail in the coffin for me was the use of religion, especially in the unnecessary quotes at the beginning of the chapters. Do I enjoy biblical quotes in my reading? No, never, absolutely not, don't even freakin' think about it. And no, simply because the book is based on angels does not imply religion needs to be involved. There are numerous well written angel/demon books that do not require religion to buoy their content. If anything religion holds such a book back from being original and entertaining.