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Wanderlove - Kirsten Hubbard Wanderlove is a great tale of backpacking and finding yourself. I've always had a bit of wanderlust myself and could completely understand the characters in the book. I also thought that the depictions of backpacking across the globe (or Central America) were rather realistic as far as I can tell, aided I'm sure by the author's own experience. While I do love the idea of backpacking, I still wonder if my germophobe side could tolerate the conditions. But regardless, you can experience backpacking in a way vicariously through the characters of Bria and Rowan.

Bria was difficult to come to like, she seemed somewhat dull and annoying in the early stages of the novel. However, as her character evolves I began to grow more tolerant of her. The character of Rowan is mysterious and apparently has a bad history but he came across, at least to me, as a more likeable and larger than life character. Although at times it was odd that the two shared so little with each other when they spend 24/7 together for days. When they began sharing their life stories it became much more interesting. I still question why Bria would be so secretive about her issues, although perhaps that is only because I have outgrown my own teenage insecurities.

Overall I enjoyed the trials and tribulations of backpacking and of living in general as experienced by Bria and Rowan. By the end Bria was still not my favorite, but I rooted for her nonetheless. Be warned: the novel may instill wanderlove in you as well!