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Killbox (Jax, Book 4)

Killbox - Ann Aguirre I enjoyed the fourth installment of the Sirantha Jax series. Although I am rather irritated by March's decision in this one to put the relationship on hold until the war is over so there is no issue with rank/soldiers blah blah, especially considering they are at war and could literally die at any moment. But like Jax says, the logical part of her agrees but not the emotional. Well, I cannot agree at all quite frankly and I don't know how either character is dealing as well as they are.

I wish the world's survival was not on the characters I love in this series, but again they would not be the same characters otherwise. I fear a major death is coming and I can barely tolerate Jax's separation from individuals as it is. Such as the one with March, haven't they been separated enough?! It feels like they haven't been "whole" since book two.

While they were forming a battle group to fight ships attacking commerce ships etc. I believed they were just going to be a police force of sorts. But then it (suddenly?) turned to them fighting a war with the Morgut. Perhaps I missed the indicators saying it was war and not policing? The emphasis seemed to be on policing until it was clearly NOT. Anyway, life is never dull for these guys!

The book ended in a cliffhanger but I'm not terribly concerned since the series wouldn't be able to continue necessarily without Jax. But maybe I just feel that way since I can leisurely choose to read Aftermath since it is out? =) Another fun read by Aguirre, definitely character driven.