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Shadow Heir - Richelle Mead 1.5 stars

I'm happy. Happy to no longer have to read about the absurdity that has become Eugenie. What happened to the tough, funny, smart (enough) heroine of books past? Book three was awful and while this one was not quite as bad in terms of yelling at the book, it still exhibited Eugenie's nitwit behavior in fine detail.

This book had me laughing, and not in a good way, not long into the book as Eugenie starts discussing her love issues. She states that she cannot trust Dorian and had a long and difficult time getting over his betrayal involving the Iron Crown. Oh really? Is that why you slept with Kiyo while WITH Dorian during a brief period away from Dorian? And as I recall, Dorian was simply being Dorian and really did little to harm YOU Eugenie you freakin' nitwit. And talk about being a hypocrite!! Dorian doesn't fill you in on the Iron Crown details, an act that pretty much does you no harm, but you act like a complete ass about it. But you come to find that the twins are Dorian's and you withhold that information?? Are you freakin' kidding me?!?! That is a thousand times worse than anything Dorian ever did to you! Oh, and this is how the book ends? Seriously?

The book also did nothing to endear itself to me by spending a large part discussing Eugenie's pregnancy and baby-love. Oye. One of my least favorite topics is pregnancy and/or babies. No thank you, it is just not for me. But I can handle reading it if it involves a good storyline and redeemable characters. Unfortunately this book was lacking. You could argue Volusian was a good character, which he was. I was only disappointed he never got his revenge on Eugenie. His background story was interesting, I did enjoy that. Dorian, however, made me quite sad with his loyalty and endearing qualities towards Eugenie since she in no way deserves him. Run away Dorian, run far away from that vapid female.

Well I have little to add about the plot, it was pretty measly in my opinion. I did not enjoy the storyline overall or the way the series ended. The twist about the Storm King prophecy felt like a total cop-out, which only irritated me further. I am, however, quite happy to not have to read about the nitwit that took over Eugenie's character ever again. I recommend stopping after book 2 in this series unless you like throwing books against walls.