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Secrets of the Demon (Kara Gillian, Book 3)

Secrets of the Demon - Diana Rowland 4.5 stars

I rather enjoy the Kara Gillian series overall and this installment definitely did not let me down. I rated the previous book lower due to some maturity regressions I felt Kara exhibited, however, there was no such issue for me in this one. (Although I question whether it was an issue at all or rather that I read more serious books prior to the second installment. I will be rereading the book to determine!) The mystery was intriguing but the demon aspect stole the show. Kara is facing demon troubles around every corner, which includes many new corners which are an exciting addition to the series.

I loved the addition of the demon protector and the revelations regarding Zach's character. The mystery continues as to who or what Ryan is but I did not find it as frustrating as I did in the previous book. (Since I have another book to look forward to before I wait a year I am happy with the way things are unfolding. However, this sentiment may change with a year wait!) I still am on the fence with Lord Rhyzkahl, but I admit I find him damn intriguing and I think there is a lot we do not know yet. Kara's Aunt Tessa also has an interesting role in this storyline as well, with her weird ramblings and odd behavior. I look forward to figuring out that little riddle of a woman. The ending is a cliffhanger and the last page made my jaw drop. I never considered this possibility! I love when I'm blindsided like that! Overall, the story was excellent and I look forward to reading the fourth in the series.