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A Million Suns - Beth Revis 3.5 stars

The sequel to Across the Universe was a let down in some ways, but overall I found the book enjoyable. It felt like there was the second book lull in this one which I hadn't expected since it is a trilogy. To be fair, the book had a lot going on and was interesting, it just did not hold my interest quite as well as the first.

After the events in Across the Universe, Elder is now in charge. He is a hesitant leader and is considered part of the reason for some of the revolting in the book. However, I did not quite understand why the people were revolting. Sure, the one character (Bartie) read up on the French Revolution and indicated a revolution could begin because of hungry individuals. But these people were all used to being on Phydus, they knew absolutely nothing else--how do they know they are unhappy now when they did not know happy? It just felt a bit off to me that they would suddenly be revolting when there was little to revolt against. (You could argue efficiency decreased and people stopped working, but why did they suddenly suffer from depression etc.?) I also found it irritating that Marie Antoinette supposedly saying "let them eat cake" was included in the book AND even if that was the case that hundreds of years from now that farce would still be believed! *pet peeve*

Amy was a bit stagnant in this one, she exhibited little growth. While Elder grew through the course of the book I felt Amy was locked in the situation of Across the Universe and was still trying to find a way out. I had hoped for more from her character. For example, Orion leaves clues for her in the ship and she learns quite a bit from the clues but in the end she is still dead (literally) set against Orion despite seemingly having sympathy for one wacko (revealed in book) and one rapist. Really? Also, the blossoming romance between Elder and Amy feels unnecessary to me but I understand its incorporation.

Another pet peeve? The lingo in the book! Frex! Ah, I could really live without ever reading FREX again but alas, I will be reading book three so I guess I will see much more of it. Just wish I did not have to. Authors: it is not necessary to create slang or other languages for your books, truly....it'll be okay if you don't (perhaps BETTER).

There were a few spoilers that I had issues with. Although some of the smaller twists/dilemmas were a bit predictable, I can live with that.

As for the issue with the ship and getting to the planet:The planet is just right there? Seriously? I found that somewhat disappointing. But I'm still secretly hoping it is really "regular" Earth and there is some crazy experiment ongoing by us twisted Earthlings. Too much to ask for? As for finding the planet uninhabitable, why did those in charge not simply go BACK to Earth? Instead they stay near Centauri Earth for generations? How does that make sense?

Overall the book was enjoyable but a let down after book one for me. I am hoping for some major drama/twists to close out the series!