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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - 'John Green',  'David Levithan' 2.5 stars

After having read another book by David Levithan I was somewhat disappointed by this highly touted novel. Will Grayson, Will Grayon (or WGWG) is meant to be about two different characters who share the same name, the different lives they lead and how they come to be a part of eachother's lives. Or at least I thought. This book read more like a lovefest for Tiny Cooper.

WG and WG meet at random in Chicago, the details of which are spoiler-ridden. Tiny is with the one WG, as he is his best friend, and Tiny subsequently becomes the connection between the two WGs. Tiny Cooper is defined as one of the "gayest" guys in the book, but I think self-absorbed, self-centered and beyond flamboyant actually describe him much better. Tiny IS the center of the novel, even to the point that the entire ending focuses on Tiny's play about HIMSELF. Yes, Tiny wrote a play about Tiny and then tries to play it off as a play about love. Um, no, it is a play about a self-centered serial dater/love-aholic. Enough already! I wanted a book about two Will Graysons NOT a guy named Tiny Cooper!

I felt the characters were a bit over the top and therefore annoying and unbelievable at times. The "romances" were all over the place. The continual use of NO capitalization by the one WG was maddening, as were the far-too-often used IM conversations included in the book (not to mention the real life conversations that were written often like the IM ones!). I think the premise was great but in actuality, especially with the writing styles chosen, was somewhat of a flop. The ending was especially poor and eye-roll worthy.

As a side note, one of the first (if not the first) things noted by Kindle as being underlined by said number of people was the following:

"i am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me."

According to my kindle 252 people have thus far highlighted this line. Why? I don't know but I find the highlighting, aka the remembering, aka the sympathizing/empathizing, aka the agreeing etc., DISTURBING. That is 252 people that could very well start killing those around them, at any moment! Am I the only one freaked out by that? Consider that mathematically! 252 people who highlight it on Kindle, plus the people who read it on Kindle and agreed but just wrote it down or chose not to highlight, plus the number of people who read the other ebook forms and highlighted/remembered, plus the people who read the physical book and felt that way, PLUS the people who listened to it on audiobook! Holy shit! How many people out there that JUST read WGWG want to kill themselves or those around them? Seriously, I find this terribly concerning. We're all in deep shit if these numbers start acting upon it (at least the second impulse in the statement).

I'm just baffled.

Overall, not a great book and not a terrible book. I feel like 2 stars would be too low and 3 is too high. Congrats WGWG, you win due to Goodread's rating system.