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Skinny Bitch - Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin This book went around the vegan world years ago but I never read it because, well, I was already vegan. I find that books telling you what is in your food and how your food comes to be on your plate are all quite similar once you've read more than one. But this was available for loan from my library for my kindle so I figured why not sate my curiosity about the Skinny Bitch love that has come and [probably] gone?

As I expected, I did not learn anything from the book due to my thorough knowledge regarding food and nutrition. Once you become curious you read everything you can get your hands on and then nothing surprises you. The knowledge contained in Skinny Bitch is actually quite valid and fairly thorough considering the length of the book. I do, however, feel that the method of delivering may offend many people and said people would shut down and disregard the information. From the stories I've heard I know many people DID listen, but I also know what pansies some people can be when it comes to being told the brutal truth. Although I do have to admit that the authors did do a lot of cursing and included crudeness when it wasn't always warranted. I think I was a bit taken aback by some passages which echoed my sentiments, although of course if/when I say such things out loud I make a lot of people happy [NOT]. One of the reasons I rated the book lower was due to what would be perceived as many as attitude/drill-sergeant-like behavior and therefore making people who need to hear information avoid it. (Although to be honest people do not want to hear it when it is given in a sugar-coated manner either so really there is no winning.)

What surprised me the most was the sample meal plan. Eating JUST fruit for breakfast? Maybe a HUGE fruit salad for lunch during the summer but only fruit for breakfast? No thanks. They also suggested a lot of salads for lunch and well, I'm freakin' tired of people thinking vegans only eat salads! They're perpetuating it! Ugh, pet peeve. They also included a lot of "fake" this or that, which I find frustrating. The food isn't FAKE, can we just call it by its name perhaps? [Another pet peeve, oh well.] Plus you really do not need to rely on these "fake" meats to be vegan and eat a greatly varied diet, I wish they had made that clear. Anyway, the amount of food suggested for each day I would probably starve on (I LOVE food). While I appreciate the information they included, I think their meal ideas need a lot of help. I eat a great variety of super healthy foods and no, I don't have a salad every day or eat just fruit for breakfast. My stomach grumbles at the mere thought......

Overall I feel like there are a lot more informative books out there on food and food production. But I do feel some may like the way the information is conveyed in Skinny Bitch, especially since they promise you'll be skinny (which is true, a vegan diet generally keeps or makes you skinny....if you eat HEALTHY vegan food that is). Had I been new to veganism or how food is treated in the U.S. I probably would have enjoyed the book more due to the shock factor all around.