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Love, Lust & Faking It: The Naked Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance - Jenny McCarthy I have never read a Jenny McCarthy book but I do find her highly entertaining and humorous. However, neither of these two attributes shine in Love, Lust & Faking It. Had this not been written by Jenny I do not think it would have been published. The chapters felt more like articles in one of those girly magazines which I do not read because they are mostly advertisements and offer no true insight to things.

Chapters are brief and say little to nothing about the topic at hand. Jenny makes it seem like there will be wisdom shared at the beginning of each chapter but there isn't. Chapters often consist of interviews she performed (which include noted laughing...a lot of it...which is annoying) and online surveys. In fact a lot of the book reflected online research Jenny did before she threw the book together.

The entire book felt like it should have been a website with links to various places with a brief lead in by Jenny (which is how the chapters were) and it would have made more sense, especially since there was so much regarding Twitter etc. included. Entire chapter on zodiac love connections? Waste of space!

A lot of obvious helpful tips are included. I did find some parts entertaining but I do not need lists of fetishes or names for body parts to take up book space. "The Work" seemed to be the only helpful thing that could have come from the book and it is a website itself. It makes you question your feelings towards certain things by turning it on yourself, which I find actually works in many situations.

I walked away feeling a little sad for Jenny, especially after stories like the one with the Teletubby. I also felt like she kept name dropping Chelsea Handler for some reason (who I love). I feel like Jenny may be a little lost, but she is still entertaining. Despite taking almost nothing from the book and feeling like it was a waste of paper, I did find it entertaining enough (especially some of Jenny's real stories) for 2 stars.