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Witness in Death (In Death 10)

Witness in Death (In Death 10) - J D Robb 2.5 stars

I enjoy the In Death books and do not expect terribly much from them, they are somewhat formulaic after all. However, despite this I still felt more ho-hum about Witness in Death than others of the series I have read. Eve's attitude in this book, while it generally does not bother me, irked me when it came to Peabody. The inclusion of Roarke in the murder (because he owns EVERYTHING) is so terribly annoying at this point. When are we going to have an installment where Roarke does not own the building or have any involvement with the people? Could that maybe happen because it is really starting to wear on me and I only read one of these books every few months! The murder itself was intriguing and I did not figure out who had done it (although I may simply not have cared at that point, it's hard to tell). The book would have been more enjoyable had it not reminded me of a formulaic nightmare at times (Roarke's involvement, sex with Roarke, Eve's drama with not being able to handle the relationship, Eve's continued nightmares about her childhood, Dr. Mira advising on the case and the list goes ON). Such things are the reason I tend to get tired of or refuse to watch some non-humor television shows.