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Desire Unchained (Demonica, Book 2)

Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione I enjoyed the first installment of the Demonica series, however, the second installation was a complete let down. I disliked the main characters, Shade and Runa, and felt the subplots of the book were stronger than the focused plot.

Shade, to put it bluntly, is an ass. He uses the fact that he is an incubus as an excuse to use and abuse women. I just could not come to like this character despite my trying. The first book also featured an incubus but somehow he was not a complete jackass. So yeah, not really a good excuse Shade. The BDSM aspect felt unnecessary and disturbing. Poor Shade doesn't WANT to "punish" the women, they want it to "feel better". Yeaaaah....sorry, I don't get it. Then Runa, an abused individual as a child and adult (dating Shade is definitely a form of abuse), jumps on board and feels better. Right! As for Runa, she started off strong but her conflicted feelings towards Shade, clearly an ass, was frustrating. The plot between the two soon breaks down to "oh Shade I love you" and she lost me. The entire relationship was nothing like that in the first book but it could have at least had a strong basis. Runa's storyline also felt similar to Tayla's, unfortunately Tayla's was better.

Another annoyance for Desire Unchained was the creeping in of a Black Dagger Brotherhood feel. The bad guy of the book even had he own little parts which felt to me very much like the Lessers in BDB, parts which I immediately wish to skip.

The worldbuilding is still interesting and I enjoyed that aspect. The subplots, such as one with Gem and one with Wraith were more entertaining than the main attraction. Wraith (see BDB?) is the next book and would certainly be more entertaining than Shade so I may still read it but not with any zeal.