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Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide

Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide - 'Michelle Rowen',  'Richelle Mead' This book begs the question: why was it published? Oh right, for monetary gain. Duh. Beyond that I have absolutely no clue as to why this was printed. Thankfully this was a library loan or I would be quite irritated.

The book itself is mostly one large summary of the Vampire Academy series. Each book is summarized with quotes thrown in there now and again. As if the summary aspect was not bad enough it was written like a book report, a book report by a valley girl. Like it was like so totally...craptastic. The summary elicited more eye rolling than the VA books could ever possibly, especially with all of the unnecessarily italicized words and immature writing. Rose, the main character in VA, is more mature than the summary cared to convey. Did I mention that the whole valley girl thing drives me a bit crazy? The only good thing about it is making fun of it! Like totally! (Sorry.)

The remaining bits of the book included character summaries and quizzes. I love quizzes myself so that I enjoyed. However, such quiz questions could have easily been on a website, saving trees around the world. I also liked the little "behind the scenes" Q&A with Richelle Mead. However, the quizzes and Q&A were the only highlights of the book which amounts to about 10 pages of good material.

I ask again, why? Why do these series "ultimate guides" continue to pop up? They're useless unless they contain substantial new material.