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Chill Factor (Weather Warden, Book 3)

Chill Factor - Rachel Caine 2.5 stars


*sigh* I loved the first book of the Weather Warden series but since then the series has been declining in my opinion. While this installment had more humor and entertainment in it than the second, it still managed to greatly annoy me.

Joanne continues to be slightly slow and all too trusting. Her lack of realization at times made me want to scream at the book in frustration. Her mentions of clothes and cars is also starting to be very annoying and I wish Caine would have done away with such things. Joanne (or should I say Caine) also had a way of describing surroundings which make me want to skim until there is dialogue.

In this installment Joanne also seems to have a holier than thou complex when it comes to killing Kevin. Sure, it would kill Lewis as well but her main driving force seems to be the killing overall. One life to save the planet and she is not willing to consent? Seriously? Then near the end of the book a life would be required to save David and she pretty much says that is perfectly acceptable?? One life for another = fine to Joanne, one life to save the planet = crappy deal. Wow. And this is how she feels about saving David, despite comments about not being sure she could control herself sleeping in a bed with Lewis. So faithful and consistent!

And as authors seem to love to do in series, the main character is now pregnant! *sigh* Why do I dare believe the lie authors tell us in the beginning of series that a character/species etc. cannot reproduce? It always becomes a plot twist! It is such a cop-out, in this series as well. I'm definitely not happy with this plot development and hope that it is somehow a false positive (which I doubt it is) or the remaining books in the series may become entirely too unbearable for me. Not only will we have to then hear about the pregnancy constantly, then the having of the kid and so on, we'll probably have to read about what the damn kid is wearing too. (Oh and we'll have to read Joanne whining that she has to drive slow or some crap like that.) No thanks!! I guess I'll give the series one more chance but if that fails too I may be selling the series as I have collected them all.