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A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle I was hopeful going into reading A Wrinkle in Time as it is an apparently beloved classic that features time travel. I'm always hesitant when it comes to classics since they are often terrible, but one that has fantasy and time travel? Probably better than most. Apparently I was very wrong.

I listened to the audiobook, mistake number one. It is read by the author herself and it has to be the worst audiobook I have ever heard. She has a somewhat deep voice and one accompanied with a slight lisp. I somehow managed to block out the annoyance of the reading to concentrate on the story, mistake number two.

The story is dull and comes off a bit preachy. "Love" seems to be the answer in this world, love one another people as it is ALL you need! Well, turns out such a message makes a much better song than book. The lurking messages also include good versus evil and Christian belief undertones. (No thanks.) I also hated the inclusion of many scientific elements/terms as it made them feel bastardized. Please leave science alone unless you're going to go all-out fantasy or stick to real-world facts.

I found it irritating that the youngest character in the book, very annoyingly precocious Charles Wallace, is seemingly in charge. The story begins with what appears to be a story told more in Meg's perspective, but she is largely left behind. Meg also becomes whiny and came across as younger than Charles many times. And who the hell names a character Mrs. Whatsit? Maybe in print it was tolerable but not spoken over and over again (say it out loud with a lisp and proceed feeling sorry for me). Don't even get me started on the constant French/German/Latin etc. phrases some characters were throwing around, seemingly only to be obnoxious.

Overall the book made me want to throw my mp3 player across the room. A sensation I have never before felt. Thankfully I love my mp3 player too much so I pressed pause and delete instead.