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Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch (Maybe 1.5...MAYBE)

I discovered this book via the artwork of Dan Dos Santos, who is incredible. However, the book does not live up to the artwork. There were numerous problems with the book.I thought the book had a lot of potential as the premise is interesting, although the execution was poor. I enjoy sci-fi, although not hardcore, but this focused entirely too much on the romantic aspect and left me wanting a sci-fi fix. I should have run away when I saw the title!

One of the many problems is the main character's name: Katherine Katt, or Kitty. Ugh. Moving on. I did not enjoy the author's writing style and I felt she should have invested in a thesaurus. Fugly, baby, girlfriend and the list goes on for words that are FAR too over-used. She also enjoyed making the same comments (sometimes with slight variations) within a few paragraphs which I have always found annoying. Then there is the odd, or poor, sentence structure. I should not have to re-read sentences in a fluffy book like this to understand what the author is saying. Koch greatly enjoys putting words in an order that are completely incorrect until you read the last two or three in the sentence--it is very awkward.

Everyone being good looking grew extremely tiresome. However, I did like that the A-C (aliens) women were the ones which were the brains of the operations since they were the scientists. The characters needed help but they were not terrible compared to the rest of the book. However, character back stories were ridiculous and over the top. The plot itself kept us going in circles, but not in a good way.

In the first fifty pages or so of the book Kitty is somehow a know-it-all without there being any true explanation as to how she manages to jump to the conclusions she does. She is in a very stressful situation but absolutely nothing seem to impact her and make her falter in the logic department. It is simply not believable. Plus at the same time Kitty is just all too accepting of everything going on around her. Also, she apparently figures things out that people (or aliens) have been working on for years within minutes. The books that the crashed aliens bring with them that have confused the aliens for years she figures out in no time. And guess what? One of the books is pretty much the alien version of the Christian bible. An Alien Bible!! HA! Somehow another planet has a strikingly similar religious tome to the christian bible? WTF?

Martini (love interest) starts off immediately being annoying and cocky with his "marry me" comments over and over. It was just too much. Then later on Martini insists on using "baby" during sexual moments and it rather made me want to gag. What woman enjoys that? Then a couple times throughout the book (or about a day in the life of the characters) Martini becomes insecure and it was far too over the top. Then add in the "You are mine" and "Are you mine?" crap and I wanted to throw the book.

I had looked forward to the alien aspect of the book but that was a total flop. The A-C aliens turned out to be pretty much exactly like us--BORING. They were even similar to us down to religion. Martini's gang is essentially persecuted for their "beliefs" and escape their planet because of it. Kitty refers to them as the Jews of space. Ugh. Considering the A-C were an older society/planet you would think they would be more intelligent than they were (and why still have religion messing things up?). You have absolutely every possibility out there when creating these aliens yet Koch decides to make them just like us?? Ridiculous and completely disappointing.