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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson I should have known to avoid this book due to the hype surrounding it. Me and hyped-up books, movies etc. almost never get along well. I have read many mystery/murder-mystery books which far outshine this book and there are probably hundreds more which do as well.

The mystery was not entertaining or engrossing. There was poor character development and I did not care one iota about any character involved in the story. It did not help that you were never certain which of the characters he chose to ramble on about were actually important to remember.

The overall writing style was dull and left much to be desired. Perhaps this was a translational issues but I don't think it was. There were many long-winded pages of unnecessary and extremely boring detail (much of which probably only made complete sense to those in Sweden). The first 150+ pages contained very little essential information. The book could have easily been hundreds of pages shorter and still might have bored the hell out of me.

Stieg Larsson as a person (despite him having passed away) is disturbing to me. I have read many murder-mysteries (most of which are much much better) and the style in which he wrote rape and violence towards women scenes did nothing but creep me out. What exactly was in his head while writing this book? He fluctuates between boring, horny and violent.

Anyone who enjoys a good mystery or murder-mystery book should avoid this book. I love books, but this book is only good for curing insomnia or to use to hit yourself in the head (perhaps a better use of time than reading it). Unfortunately it is too large to fix a table leg.