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The Shadowy Horses

The Shadowy Horses - Susanna Kearsley 3.5 stars

The Shadowy Horses was an enjoyable read for me although a bit disappointing. The character and setting development was very well done. I greatly enjoyed the characters. I also liked the mixing of history, archeology, ghosts, mystery and romance. However, what the book came down to was a light romance book which was not what I thought I had signed on for exactly. I had hoped the historical and ghost aspects would have been stronger as they were interesting but they fade to the background after the romance starts happening. The mystery foreboding that occurs in the book never leads you to believe there is any real danger until the last twenty pages or so. The mystery, as with the historical aspect, could have been stronger. The cover of the book is also misleading as this book is set modern-day. Between the cover and various summaries I expected something rather different from what I found. Overall, the book had a lot of potential but it was largely a light read. Had it not been for the character development my rating would have been lower.