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Seriously...I'm Kidding

Seriously... I'm Kidding - Ellen DeGeneres I love Ellen and try to watch her show as often as possible but this book was a disappointment. Summaries of what the book was about led you to believe it had some actual content, content applicable to Ellen's life, aka like a biography, but it is not. The supposed "catching up" on Ellen's life since her last book really does not happen and that was very disappointing. I was hoping to hear about her veganism as a fellow vegan, real details about her time at American Idol, REAL stories period. This book is meandering chapter after meandering chapter. One chapter was solely about the chapter being a chapter 10! Largely the book was full of material found in her monologues on her show, which work quite well in her show's format and not as great in book format. Plus so many of the stories were completely made up and entirely unnecessary that the book became frustrating to read. The material contained was definitely from Ellen but it failed to entertain me.