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Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3) - Stephenie Meyer I found Adele's "Someone Like You" a fitting song for the later part of this book, from Jacob's perspective at least. I cannot help but lean towards Jacob despite some of his actions in the book (although I cannot blame him and honestly I would not even be upset if I were Bella). I'm starting to wonder how anyone would choose cozying up to a block of marble over a very warm guy who turns in a wolf (a wolf people! I'd love for a werewolf of my very own!). Perhaps my adoration for wolves is altering my opinion but the more Meyer describes kissing and being near Edward the more I retreat from him. Sorry, kissing stone just does not sound appealing. Plus I'm always cold, what good would he do? Jacob and scenes with him were more real in my opinion, as Edward continues to be painted as a bit too perfect for my liking.

Also, where does Edward get off having such "morals"? He's a flippin' vampire, can we please express that? Thanks. Perhaps Meyer is putting a bit too much of her beliefs into these characters, enough already. Also, as for the apparently unmentionable word of "sex", I can only imagine the writing of THAT scene. He is like icy marble...think about that for a minute women...okay, I just cannot find that appealing.

I felt this book moved more slowly than the others, I did not have an overwhelming urge to read this one as much as the first two. The first half or so was rather slow, especially when Rosalie and Jasper told their stories (I quite frankly was not really interested in either one of them). I still enjoy the Cullen family, although my favorite parts of the book all involve Jacob so perhaps I am just tired of Bella's perspective of Edward. I'm not a big fan of marriage/weddings myself so the whole drama surrounding that I could live without--I wish they would elope in Vegas. Of course I don't agree with her marrying Edward and becoming a vampire (the way it is written still does not convince me Bella even wants that). I say run around the forest with the werewolf and have that life. Yes, Edward is more mature but I just cannot jump fully on board that side--anyway I would hope you would be mature after 110 years.

I hope I find book 4 a bit more engrossing. Despite my complaints, I did enjoy the book--just not as much compared to the first two.

Note: Meyer used Romeo and Juliet for inspiration for book 2 and now Wuthering Heights for book 3. I find this a tad annoying, what "inspiration" awaits me in book 4?