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Magic Graves

Magic Graves - Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost If I was rating this book including the snippets from yet-to-be-released books it would be a 5, but I'm sticking to the main stories included. Both Jeaniene Frost's and Ilona Andrews stories earned solid 4s from me. Frost's was humorous and typical Cat and Bones on goings. As for Andrews' story, it was a well-written story about how Kate came to know one of the more aloof characters in her series. I enjoyed both, though Andrews might have the edge.

As for the sneak-peeks at Frost's short story for xmas this year and the upcoming Vlad book, they were great! They left me very excited for the upcoming releases and I was sad when the snippets ended. We were even given a cliffhanger ending for the preview of the xmas story which left me going "what?!?!" in a good way. I look forward to both!!! The same goes for Fate's Edge, the upcoming release by Andrews, which was an enthralling preview as well. The one that interested me the most, unfortunately, was Frost's Vlad story which does not release until the spring. *sigh*