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The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book 1)

The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong The Gathering was very enjoyable, it far surpassed Armstrong's Darkest Powers trilogy for me as far as the first book goes. I love the setting, Vancouver Island, and the main character Maya. Maya reminds me a great deal of Elena, who is another shifter from Armstrong's adult Otherworld series. Elena is by far my favorite character in all of Armstrong's books so the similarities in Maya were very much welcomed. Maya has a deep connection to nature and non-human animals, which is something I enjoy seeing in characters. Judging by Armstrong's books she has a clear respect, if not adoration, for nature and other species which makes me love her as an author all the more.

The other characters in the book, Daniel and Rafe especially, were mysterious and well-written. I have many questions surrounding Daniel, he clearly has some sort of power but "what" is he exactly? I look forward to finding out. I love how the story revolved a great deal around cougars, it was a nice change from the common werewolves scenario.

The book ended on a clear cliffhanger, which I expected but was still slightly disappointed by. I have many questions swirling around in my head and I look forward to having some of them answered in book 2. I'm sure the major mysteries will remain until book 3. Overall a very enjoyable book by Armstrong, it made me want to re-read Bitten!