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Forever (Wolves of Mercy Falls, Book 3)

Forever - Maggie Stiefvater I rather enjoyed Forever, though not quite as much as I enjoyed Shiver. However, I think Forever was an improvement over Linger, book 2, where I felt the book did not live up to expectations.

Forever does leave many questions unanswered but despite this I did not feel dissatisfied. I think the answers may lie in the bits of foreshadowing placed in the book rather than in chapters actually written after the "ultimate" action in Forever. I felt I came to understand some of the characters more, especially Cole and Isabel. The writing was well paced, though perhaps too slow for some who wanted more action. It was not that there was nothing going on, plenty did occur: 2 deaths, Sam accused by the police, Grace in and out of wolf form and so on. But the main action does not occur until quite near the end, an end which is rather heartbreaking especially since *spoiler* these aerial wolf hunts DO occur across this country. They are absolutely sickening and as I have seen them for myself I felt the "action" scenes were even more of the edge-of-your-seat/hide-your-eyes variety. I just hope that maybe these novels will turn some individuals into wolf lovers so maybe hunts like that which occurred in Forever will stop happening in real life.