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The Mercy of Thin Air: A Novel

The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domingue The Mercy of Thin Air is an engrossing tale that drives you to keep reading so you can find how it all turns out. I enjoyed the parallels between the two different sets of lives involved. Domingue makes you feel the pain the characters are enduring in a visceral way at times which connects you to the characters further. The story path makes you start considering a number of potential outcomes for the book and you never truly know what it will be until the end. Unfortunately I was a bit let down by the ending due to my various "crazy" theories.

I only have minor complaints, including some passages felt unnecessary or out of place. New Orleans was the setting and considering the "life" that such a setting could bring I felt it added very little to the story. I agree with contraceptive and abortion beliefs but felt they were a bit heavy handed at times without needing to be to add to the story. The characters were well established and the scenes sometimes felt like an unnecessary rehash of character values.