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Our Purpose: The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture 2007

Our Purpose: The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture 2007 - Al Gore A well written speech which pushes the global community to make changes and tackle global warming. Although it was given in December of 2007, all of the things held within the speech are still unfortunately very true. Little true progress has been made in reducing the impacts of global warming, especially on a global scale. Governments still cannot even agree on a new deal a la the Kyoto Protocol. Society still sees money as more important than environment even in the face of drastic destruction. Unfortunately I do not see that changing anytime soon considering the big companies with all the cash are influential to many major world leaders. I would love to have more optimism but human nature seems terribly unworthy of it. An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore is also worthy of a read for all those that want to know the basics regarding global warming. As far as Al Gore goes, I appreciate his push for altering the course of global warming but cannot help feel his own behaviors do not vibe with his message. Meat production is one of the top greenhouse gas emitters (some studies have shown it to be the top one) and anyone who eats meat contributes significantly more than one that does not. Not only does Al Gore consume meat but he does not include a focus on meat-free diets as a major change that can be made in An Inconvenient Truth.