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Katherine (Rediscovered Classics)

Katherine (Rediscovered Classics) - Anya Seton, Philippa Gregory 1.5 stars

This book has been shown a lot of love by readers, I just happen to not feel the love. I did not feel any love towards the book or understand the "love" included in the book. This is supposed to be one of the greatest love stories yet I was left feeling very much the opposite. How did Katherine and John come to love each other so suddenly and with little interaction? This was never really explained. Plus there were many declarations of love but nothing that really made you believe it. I personally enjoyed how John says something similar to "I've had plenty of mistresses and children with them but I only want to marry you." Somebody catch me while I swoon, John you sweet talker you.

Largely the book suffered from Seton's writing style, which simply did not appeal to me. It felt far too stuffy. While I appreciated the historical research which went into the novel, Seton did not have to include every little tidbit she came across in her research. Needless to say the book was bogged down by far too many details that distracted from the story that was attempting to be told. Far too little happened of interest considering the length of the book, it should have been much shorter. The book was overall quite boring, except for a few select passages, and I did not come to care for any of the characters. Also, while it was common for the period I found the constant religion aspects frustrating. I just wanted the characters to make a damn decision on their own without running to "God" or the church. I cannot relate to characters that are so absorbed in their religion that they forget to live THEIR lives.

Also, it would have been nice had Seton included information as to what was fictionalized and what was true to fact. I know that the ever-so-boring details of everyday life were likely true but what about all of the events detailed? Very frustrating not to know.

I just cannot understand the popularity of the book....but then again I'm used to being outside the norm.