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The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus - Carol Thurston I've had this book on my bookshelves for probably going on a decade. When I finally got around to reading it after so long I discovered I had already begun it at some point as there was a bookmark in the book at around 10 pages. This should have tipped me off-I clearly did not care to continue years ago, then entirely forgot I ever started the book. Nikki now agrees with Nikki years ago--this book was dull, so very very dull.

A mystery surrounding a real Egyptian mummy written in fictional form with present-day and Ancient Egyptian storylines? Sounds like a winner, especially for someone who adores all things Ancient Egyptian. But the writing made the book so very boring and made me want to take a nap instead of reading each time I picked it up (and I never fall asleep reading). The characters are uninteresting and dully written. The book could have been much shorter had the unnecessary ramblings been omitted. Thurston's writing style even made Ancient Egypt uninteresting and I did not care for the voice of the physician at all. I wish the Ancient Egyptian side of the story had been told from a different perspective.

Overall, I gained nothing from reading this book (including enjoyment) and I feel as though I need to read a really good Egyptian book to get this bad taste out of my mouth.