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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver I was intrigued by the premise of the book going in- love is considered a disease and all those 18 and older are "cured". However, the execution of such a dystopian world was severely lacking. First of all, despite the length of the book, there was not much done in the way of convincing us that love really was the problem. Why not hate? And why does eliminating the "craziness" of lover's love also eliminate parental? And why does love going bye-bye somehow solve the many problems facing the world? I'm sorry but I was never convinced about how love was the problem, especially since it just seemed to make people apathetic while retaining their other emotions. This sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Then you add in a bit of Big Brother/government raids/scare tactics etc.. Well this was not scary as it was intended to be, it simply felt out of place. Love is the disease that caused all of our problems yet we need MORE government attention? A government that kills dogs left and right as well, leaving them to die. But the families don't care because you guessed it, they no longer love. *sigh* Very disappointing "world" building on Oliver's part.

Then there is the Romeo and Juliet love story. Very predictable with a poor ending. The main character, Lena, is very indecisive and not very interesting.