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Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me - Chelsea Handler Clearly Chelsea's family and friends are not as entertaining as her because this book was not very funny (I also question how so many people can continue to be SO gullible). I kept wishing Chelsea had written the book herself, although some of the stories felt very familiar so she may have included some in her previous books (all of which are better than this one). Most chapters/stories felt much too long, especially those by the likes of Heather McDonald and Brad Wollack. The small blurbs at the end of each chapter were the most entertaining and they happened to be written by Chelsea. I must say that the book does not paint Chelsea in a positive light, frankly she comes out as a psycho with no boundaries. But everyone insists she does it out of love. I can understand this type of mentality but sometimes Chelsea goes too far. We all know, at least those who watch her show, that she did not really want to write a book so gave it to others to accomplish--so I did not expect much going in and therefore I was not very disappointed.