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Heat Stroke (Weather Warden, Book 2)

Heat Stroke - Rachel Caine I was disappointed by the second in the Weather Warden series. The first half of the book was not overly entertaining and I wished the action would proceed like it did in book 1. There seemed to be some inconsistencies in the book, some "huh?" moments. The humor/snappy wit was seriously lacking in this installment and was really needed. There was far too much dull but serious bits going on without a balance of humor. It seems to be that Joanne becoming a Djinn was surprising for the first book but really left Caine with a problem with how to continue. Also, character development seemed to be quite limited. Maybe Ill Wind should have been a stand alone book--hopefully the next books in the series perk up or I will not be a happy camper.

Some non-story annoyances:

Epilogue is a list of songs she listened to while writing the book--seriously?

Also, does Caine have a chapter phobia?? One chapter was 175 pages!!!! 3 chapters in nearly 350 pages is unacceptable.