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Industrial Magic

Industrial Magic  - Kelley Armstrong I was bored, so very very bored. I love when Elena is the narrator but Paige bores me to tears. Dime Store Magic was much better than this Paige installment, but apparently one installment was enough Paige for my brain. The book seemed entirely too long for what was accomplished, especially the first two-thirds of the book. Both Paige and Lucas come off as dull and uptight and I just wanted them to be quiet. Elena (and Clay) shows up on the scene and perks the book up a bit but she is not around enough to save it.

The ending was better than the first two-thirds implied it would be but by that point I just wanted the book to be over. I think if this was 200 pages less it would have fared better, although Paige was supremely boring so maybe not. Eve's part in the book was one of the better parts so I hope Eve's book is considerably better than Industrial Magic. Elena narrates the book right after Eve so I will certainly keep reading, I'm just glad Paige won't be the narrator any longer! I'm very much the "must read books in order" type but after Paige I'm tempted to read the other 2 Elena books next!