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Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, Book 2)

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews 3.5 stars

As with the first book, I am still struggling to put into words this book and my feelings towards it. There are a lot of ups and downs in these books for me, which makes it very difficult to rate.

Kate's world is still not fully understood by me, although Kate herself is becoming clearer. I think there is far too much going on and FAR too many characters for one short book to hold which makes the book overwhelming at times. Overall I would said the book suffers from being too complex, especially since the best parts of the book are when things are less all over the place.

There are characters I had a difficult time remembering from the first book and I have no doubt there are characters from this book I will fail to remember as well. Andrews oftentimes does not give you enough to go on with characters and events and it leaves you confused and lacking caring for some characters and events.

These books are strangely written, which adds to overwhelming feeling while reading it. The way it is written does not lend itself to allowing you to really understand everything that is going on or the characters fully. Even some sentences are not clear causing me to re-read them to understand Andrews' point. I read a great deal and Andrews is one of the authors I find must be read very slowly. A book twice this size will take me the same amount of time or less than Andrews' books. Unlike the Kate Daniels series, the Edge series is differently written and flows much better (I have an inkling her husband has less to do with that one. Oftentimes I almost sense the different writer in the Daniels series, which is probably part of the problem.)

There was also quite a few action/fight sequences in the book and I have never been a fan of those. My eyes tend to glaze over during fight sequences in print or film, just let me know what the result is kay? The writing style also makes it a little weird to follow the fighting.

Despite the series being bogged down by far too many characters and different "species" and the writing being difficult to adjust to, I do find the series intriguing. I wish there was more Curran as he almost brings a lightness to the series despite his character being the big bad alpha.

P.S. The whole Kate-Curran scene at the end of the book went over my head when apparently I am supposed to fully understand The Princess Bride. Well guess what? I totally did not get it, I was never a fan of that movie. Apparently the ending is much more meaningful than I gathered. ;)