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Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

Lover Revealed - J.R. Ward I cannot even believe I read this crap at this point. I am embarrassed to even admit I read it and have the rest of the series on my shelf. I question whether those books will ever be read now. J.R. Ward I cannot stand your writing--you could be a good writer but you muck it up with crap. I cringe when I think of having her other series on my shelf as well…..*sigh*.

I absolutely do not know how I tolerated the language in these books up until this point, I must have been forgiving since the stories were somewhat entertaining. But no more. The spelling, my god, the spelling!! Let us insert an “h” in words and call it a different language, why not! Rhage, dhestroyer…the list goes on. Creativity is not Ward’s strong suit. And do not get me started on being inside any of the brothers’ heads--their thought processes, or lack thereof, are horrifying. And the “whatevers” make me want to scream! The storylines are cookie-cutter, at least those that are the main focus, and I can barely tell the brothers apart at this point.

Lessers--who the hell cares? Skip! Butch, was never a fan and I am still not a fan. Oh and Butch, take your “baby” and shove it, you’re too annoying for words. The most entertaining characters were in books 1 and 2 and I simply do not care about anyone anymore. Seriously, I feel like I’m reading about rich lowlifes who insist on speaking like jackasses. At least there was not many comments about rap (crap) music etc. this time. But there was plenty of brand name dropping (who cares what kind of suit you are wearing? Not I!) and fur coats etc.. If these jackasses really existed I would root for the Lessers.

Also, why on Earth do all of these idiots have gigantic packages? I can contain my eye rolling no longer, these books are a joke. I do not understand how so many people have loved them so much and have not started bonfires with them instead.

I took hours between finishing the book and writing the review….this is the nicer version from my head, the other one was R-rated. =)