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The Wedding

The Wedding - Nicholas Sparks 1.5 stars

I read The Notebook years ago, coincidentally right before the movie came out. Since then I have meant to read The Wedding due to it being said to be a sequel of sorts to The Notebook. It has taken me years to finally push myself to read it and well, I was not missing much. Noah from The Notebook is in the book, although he seems to be the only character worthy of note.

Wilson, the sub-par husband who may soon lose his wife due to his sub-parness kicks it into high gear after Jane, his wife, reacts poorly to his forgeting their 29-year anniversary. Jane I could not help but find annoying and I wanted Wilson to just go away--unfortunately that is difficult when he is the narrator. The entire book surrounds Wilson trying to make up his stupidity to his wife while also planning the wedding of their daughter Anna within a week's time. All of the planning was very annoying and the best characters in the book were Noah and the swan (yes, the swan that is supposed to be Allie, not arguing with it just saying the swan was a better character than the narrator).

Sparks' over-the-top sappiness kicks into high gear near the end when there is an "unexpected" twist. It was not at all unexpected if you ask me, I saw it coming a mile away.

The entire book exhausted me from all the eye rolling I was forced to do. The characters were slappable.

*Vegan note: Wilson, the ignorant suddenly doting husband cooks veal for his wife. Their son is, I'm assuming, vegetarian because Wilson notes during holidays his son "only eats vegetables". These two events are in stark contrast to me and aggravated me as veal is easily the cruelest of the common meats. Sparks simply writing someone cooking veal when there was no real reason for it has turned me away from him period---but yes, his sappiness was enough already this was just the topper.