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Poison Study

Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder 4.5 stars

I greatly enjoyed Poison Study as it was a wonderfully written novel. The main character and narrator, Yelena, is a nineteen year old with a terrible past of abuse but she is strong and determined. Yelena becomes the Commander's food taster, poison seems to be a big thing in this world. Valek is the Commander's security chief and Yelena's poison teacher. The story involves poison, magic, murder, fighting, conspiracies and more. Yelena is a great character and I thoroughly enjoyed her as a narrator. Valek was the ass-kicker (although Yelena isn't too shabby either) and almost inadvertent love interest. All in all, a fun read.

The only question I have is why is this labeled YA? It certainly doesn't scream YA, although it is found in the YA section. The details of Yelena's past are anything but what I would consider YA. I suppose aside from that it did have a PG feel since nothing really happened between Yelena and Valek in the sexually sense but aside from that I really feel like this is simply a novel and should not be labeled YA.